Kango blog

Version 1.2.0 released

We are happy to announce the new release of Kango framework.

What's new

  • Core: Ability to embed local resources in content scripts
  • Core: Internationalization support
  • UI: New method kango.ui.browserButton.setBadgeBackgroundColor
  • UI: Ability to close options page programmatically
  • UI: Options page is not opened twice anymore
  • Builder: Chrome Web Store package generation added
  • Builder: Ability to build IE extension on Mac OS and Linux (wine and makensis required)
  • Firefox: Generated extensions are restartless now
  • Firefox: Storage is not cleared anymore when user clears all browser history
  • Firefox: Popup visual glitches fixed on Mac OS and Linux
  • Chrome: kango.browser.windows fixes
  • IE: 64 bit browser support
  • IE: Windows 8 compatibility
  • IE: Options page keyboard input and theming fixed

Feel free to leave any comments.