The KangoExtensionInfo object representing extension manifest from extension_info.json file. The object could be obtained via call to kango.getExtensionInfo() function.


Name Type Description
name string Extension name
version string Extension version
description string Extension description
creator string Extension creator
homepage_url string Extension homepage
background_scripts Array of strings Extension background scripts
content_scripts Array of strings Extension content scripts
browser_button object Browser button properties. Optional
update_path_url string See Autoupdating Extensions section
options_page string See kango.ui.optionsPage
default_locale string See kango.i18n
permissions object Extension permissions. Optional


    "name": "PopupDemo",
    "version": "1.0",
    "description": "Popup Demo",
    "creator": "KangoExtensions",
    "homepage_url": "http://kangoextensions.com/",
    "background_scripts": [
    "browser_button": {
        "tooltipText": "Popup Demo",
        "icon": "icons/button.png",
        "popup": {
            "url": "test.html",
            "width": 600,
            "height": 596
    "default_locale": "en",
    "permissions": {
        "tabs": true,
        "content_scripts": ["http://*/*", "https://*/*"],
        "context_menu": true,
        "web_navigation": true,
        "notifications": false,
        "cookies": false,
        "xhr": ["http://*/*", "https://*/*"]